Hear This Band Today: Blud

Australia has witnessed the birth of various electronic dance bands so far this century, with Cut Copy, The Presets and Midnight Juggernauts earning international acclaim in recent years. The latest band in this vein creating music that makes you just want to move is Blud, from Perth.
Describing themselves as sounding like ‘Leonardo Da Vinci having crazy sex with Pablo Picasso, whilst being filmed by Andy Warhol,’ Blud’s music certainly brings new meaning to the phrase ‘hard-edged.’ For such young lads, (with two of the three regular members still in school this year) their songs capture a vicious aggression that belies their age (see snarl in photo above).

As 2010 finalists of Triple J Unearthed High, Blud won the right to play at Parklife in Perth, and will also play at Good Vibrations in the west next year.
Sarah is for Lovers is a stomping, bass-led track, with a chorus more contagious than most diseases. The vocals are impeccably delivered, inspired by the vocalist’s heroes Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant and Michael Jackson, and ensure that this pulsating, hard-hitting party track won’t be leaving your head for days.

Sarah is for Lovers by Blud


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4 Responses to Hear This Band Today: Blud

  1. Milesbabe says:

    Nice one Garthy. I think the lines ‘Blud’s music has rougher edges than most chainsaws’ and ‘with a chorus more contagious than most diseases’ are too similiar. The comparisons themselves are good, but perhaps changing ‘than most’ to something else would make them less mutually reminiscent.

  2. Milesbabe says:

    Oh, and you should link to that youtube vid of them singing Electric Feel.

  3. haha cheers beetybop, i actually remember thinking ‘i should make sure those two comparisons aren’t too similar’.

  4. thebeastfromdamiddleeast says:

    these guys are great big phoneys!!! they kicked me out of their band cause i was white! POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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