Hear This Band Today: Strange Talk

Aa few months ago while avoiding studying for the HSC, I was rummaging around on Triple J Unearthed trying to find the next big Australian band, when I stumbled upon Strange Talk. Drawn in by the captivating image of the man above in a pretentious pose, the next 4 minutes or so convinced me that I’d actually succeeded in finding the next artist about to take Australian music by storm.

With vocals very much reminiscent of everyone’s favourite band of yesteryear, Phoenix, Strange Talk have created a bubbly track of sparkly disco-pop that will leave you ‘reeling,’ fitting given their musical similarity to Passion Pit. Having supported for bands like Gypsy and the Cat and Jinja Safari, and, (like featured artist below, Blud) won the chance to feature at Parklife earlier this year, it won’t be long until they’re heading their own shows.

Climbing Walls by Strange talk

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2 Responses to Hear This Band Today: Strange Talk

  1. Lachlan says:

    love your blog garth…. thanks for posting this. Love it… maybe because I’m loving passion pit at the mo.

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