Hear This Artist Today: M. Craft

I was alerted to this one by a Facebook post from Empire of the Sun, to whom this artist bears absolutely no similarities whatseoever. But apparently they’re friends.
Triple J listeners from the 90’s will no doubt be well-acquainted with the Australian rock band Sidewinder, who hit the dizzying heights of supporting U2 when they toured Down Under in 1997. One of the founding brothers of Sidewinder, Martin Craft, has moved onto better things, if not necessarily bigger. Working under the moniker M. Craft, he composes beautifully, erm, crafted folk a la Jose Gonzalez or Sufjan Stevens.
Listen and let your soul be soothed.

He’s also collaborated with a woman named Eleanor Bodenham under the name Lover Lover. This track, although causing me to pine for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird, is just as lush as M. Craft’s solo work, and is well worth a listen.

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