Hear This Band Today: The Jezabels

Sometimes record labels make strange, irrational decisions. Up with the worst of them are Leeds/Duchess music publishers severing the tie allowing them to collect royalties for the works of a certain Bob Dylan in 1962, and Geffen Records’ decision to pump thirteen million dollars into an album called Chinese Democracy.
But personally, I believe that the fact that record labels have failed to pick up on indie pop/folk quartet The Jezabels despite three supremely impressive EP’s released over the past 12 months is a blunder of the highest order. Following in the footsteps of Cloud Control and The Vines in forming at the University of Sydney, for the past two years The Jezabels have been touring relentlessly and supporting the likes of Tegan and Sara, Bluejuice, Josh Pyke and Van She. As a result of their hard work and commitment to the cause, they are no longer under the radar, but for a band of this quality, their popularity should be through the roof.

In vocalist Hayley Mary, they possess arguably Australia’s strongest young singer. Her haunting yet captivating voice ensures that once you get sucked in, no other vocalist will seem adequate. But the rest of the band are equally talented, perfectly complimenting her undeniable skills. In particular, drummer Nik Kaloper’s frantic brand of percussion emphasises the urgency of The Jezabels’ music, specifically in standout track Hurt Me.
Their most recent release is EP Dark Storm, from which Mace Spray, an absolute belter of a track, is the first single.

If record labels have any sense at all, they will snap up this gem of a band without hesitation.

Hurt Me by the Jezabels
Mace Spray by The Jezabels

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4 Responses to Hear This Band Today: The Jezabels

  1. andy says:

    The mistake is theirs. but if you think about it, indie is the way to go for these guys 100% is better than 5% it means to get the same amount of money they work 20 times less ,makes sense to me to stay indie plus there is the selling out syndrome. true or not i think it may taint such a pure art form .depends on the deal correct me if im wrong but arent wolfmother and john butler indie…they do alright with the internet does any truly talented band need sony etc.”the times they are a changing” the jezabels have had 2.5 million hits on youtube due to the danny makaskill clip way back home and thats in less than a week..im not sure if the jezabels and other truly talented bands need record companies anymore…all they need is airplay..to me it would be a pity to see them marketed in any genre apart from their own..but thats me good post though

    really need sony etc

  2. Art vs Science agree with you:
    ‘Ask Art vs Science why they remain independent and their logic is pretty simple.

    “When someone sits you down and says ‘in one scenario, you give most of your money to a label and they tell you what to do, or in the second, you get to keep most of your money and do what you want’, it seemed an obvious choice,” explains drummer Dan Williams.’

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