Hear This Artist Today: We Are Trees

One of the annoying things about creating a music blog is that you wish you could go back in time to when you found a brilliant artist before anyone else, purely so that you could blog about them and be able to say ‘Yeah, I got in on that good thing (for me, We Are Trees) before nearly anyone else.’ Then you realise blogging is not necessarily about new music, but about good music. And producing good music is certainly the forte of We Are Trees.
The first thing you will notice is that do-it-nearly-all-yourself guy, James Nee, sounds eerily similar to Grizzly Bear in the vocals department. But in my humble opinion, he’s making catchy tunes that Veckatimest certainly could have done with. Violin, acoustic guitar, and surging drums all work together seamlessly to create the most crisp music you’ll hear for a while.
Their debut EP Boyfriend almost certainly receives my vote for EP of the Year, as well as for Album Artwork of the Year, and can be streamed (formerly available for free download) at their bandcamp here.

New demos have surfaced in recent weeks, including a cover of Best Coast’s When I’m With You. In addition to this masterful rendition of an already-great song, come two tracks with ‘Mountain’ in their title. They’re aptly-named, given the heights that this artist will no doubt scale when the rest of the music world catches on.

When Im With You (We Are Trees covers Best Coast) (mp3)
Rocky Mountains by We Are Trees
To Build A Mountain by We Are Trees

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