Hear This Song Today: My Rescue by Canyons

My love for Tame Impala is no secret to those who know me. At one stage, my phone, desktop, and iPod all bore the entrancingly picturesque Innerspeaker album cover. So when I read on modularpeople.com that Canyons, the band who seemed to spend all their time remixing TI songs, had released their first single, I was completely intrigued, due to the fact that I had absolutely no idea what sort of music they made themselves. So, it came as a wonderful surprise that the song, My Rescue, was a superb track, perfectly demonstrating the musical capabilities of DJ/producer duo Leo Holiday and Ryan Sea-Mist (real names unknown). Filled with hand-claps, buzzing synths, dreamy vocals, jungle-esque percussion and an infectious chorus, My Rescue definitely fits in with the description of Canyons on Modular, in that it ‘strikes the elusive balance between creativity, originality and pop sensibility.’

My Rescue:


Half Full Glass of Wine (Canyons’ Drunken Rage) by Tame Impala (mp3)

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3 Responses to Hear This Song Today: My Rescue by Canyons

  1. groovemebaby says:

    Haha just read this article as well and i must say I share your love of Tame Impala! I seriously listen to them all day, every day- and I love to just chill out with Innerspeaker playing in the background..Seen them live 4 times, everytime was incredible!

  2. groovemebaby says:

    the errol alkan remix of ‘why wont you make up your mind’ is such a sweeet remix!

  3. Such a great band, and yeah I love that remix. Don’t know why I never got round to blogging about it actually.

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