Hear This Band Today: Jinja Safari

So, you’ve read the band’s name and seen their picture. I would say that you’ve already made an assumption about the sort of music that Jinja Safari compose. Well, if you think anything like me, you are completely correct.
Jinja Safari play a brand of lush, African-influenced pop-rock, that they themselves have dubbed ‘forest rock,’ encompassing multiple elements of nature with an infectious, boyish enthusiasm. Their songs are filled with a joyous exuberance, framed by their bouncing percussion, mellifluous harmonies and use of a sitar.
With what is by all accounts an enthralling live show, laced with shrubbery and featuring Ugly Dancing, Jinja Safari is a band that will never leave you with a frown on your face.

Peter Pan:

Peter Pan by Jinja Safari(mp3)

Forest Eyes by Jinja Safari(youtube)

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2 Responses to Hear This Band Today: Jinja Safari

  1. Bron says:

    Hey Garth! Loving your work here. I saw Jinja Safari at the Changing Lanes festival in Newtown earlier in the year. They did indeed cover the stage in vines and leaves. They also wore giant ponchos, long hair and danced like leprechauns on a safari vacation.

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