Hear This Band Today: jj

Swedish ambient dream-pop band jj didn’t need to endear themselves to me any more. Their track Things Will Never be the Same Again, a fitting song to discover as I was finishing school, masterfully combined stretching, expansive violins; somewhat-African percussion; and brooding, low vocals. But then, they went and made a song on top of The xx’s Intro, the only prelude to a non-live* album that has seriously rivalled the other tracks. Titled I’m The One / Money On My Mind, it only further deepens my love for this Scandinavian pair, and clocks in at less than two minutes. Fortunately, jj’s other songs last longer, as does their recently-released cover of Grammy award-winning The-Dream’s Right Side of my Brain, which they’ve dubbed No More You. Delicate, eloquent piano-work is the masterful feature here, beautifully complimented by male/female harmonies and vocal crescendos. Apparently it’s part of their new mix tape, Kills, in which they cover and sample hip-hop songs, to be released on December 24.

Things Will Never be the Same Again:

Things Will Never be the Same Again by jj(mp3)

I’m the One / Money on my Mind

I\’m The One / Money on my Mind by jj(mp3)

No More You:
Available to be watched here.

*I have a memory of once claiming Intro on Red Hot Chili PeppersLive in Hyde Park album was my favourite song.

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