Hear This Song Today: Stand in the Water by Wildlife

Few bands today really sound like they’re striving to convey a message. I don’t mean that they actually have a message of monumental importance they’re trying to get across, but that they give off the impression that they’re earnestly trying to say something, achieved perfectly by Arcade Fire on Funeral.
Wildlife, spearheaded by distinctly Wolf Parade-esque vocals, have a youthful desperation to their sound that is unrivalled by other bands of similar statures (I can’t even find a facebook page for them). Stand in the Water, like so many other great songs doing the rounds these days, is full of water motifs, yet instead of focusing on the conventional ‘fun at the beach’ vibe, is balanced by an emotional framework, coupled with frantic, desperate drumming. The way the song builds into an extended, mostly instrumental coda is definitely a la Wolf Parade’s Cave-O-Sapien.

Stand by the Water, along with two other excellent songs from their album Strike Hard, Young Diamond, released last month, can be downloaded for free from Wildlife’s Bandcamp site here.

Stand by the Water by Wildlife:

Cave-O-Sapien by Wolf Parade

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