Hear This Artist Today: James Vincent McMorrow

I probably judge music too quickly. Far too often I find myself listening to new artists and then dismissing them straight away, before rediscovering them after a few weeks. Well, I’ve done this with Irish multi-instrumentalist James Vincent McMorrow, whose recent album Early In The Morning, despite my initial indifference, is in my opinion definitely one of the better folk albums to be released in the past few years.
With comparisons to Bon Iver inevitable, given that McMorrow uses falsetto extensively and recorded the LP over 5 months alone in an Irish house on the sea, he’s crafted his own exceptional, opulent sound. Track This Old Dark Machine is delightfully captivating, while album closer and title track Early In The Morning, I’ll Come Calling is the perfect conclusion to an exquisite album, five tracks of which can be listened to on his official website.

This Old Dark Machine by James Vincent McMorrow(mp3)

Early In The Morning, Ill Come Calling by James Vincent McMorrow(mp3)

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