Hear More Of This Band Today: Strange Talk

In one of my first blog posts ever, back when I could barely string a few words together and constantly stumbled over grammar issues, I wrote a piece about a band I though would be ‘about to take Australian music by storm.’ While that hasn’t quite happened for electro-pop outfit, Strange Talk, they have gained a steady following both in Australia and worldwide, especially after being included on the influential Kitsune compilation late last year. This steady rise in popularity is definitely justified, and if you’re looking for evidence, look no further than their breakout (and first that they ever released) track Climbing Walls.

Climbing Walls by Strange Talk(mp3)

Now, however, I’ve come across two other tracks of theirs, both of which suggest that in no way are Strange Talk ready to fizzle into musical obscurity after one hitsong . Both We Can Pretend and Eskimo Boy continue the trend of immense catchiness, as if you’re anything like me then you’ll be humming them for hours afterwards. Enjoy!

Plus I’ll throw in an excellent remix of Boy and Bear’s excellent song Mexican Mavis.

Mexican Mavis by Boy and Bear (Remixed by Snapdragons)(mp3)

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One Response to Hear More Of This Band Today: Strange Talk

  1. Milesbabe says:

    oh, please let that ‘though’ after you mention your heightened grammatical skills be accidental.

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