Hear This Remix Today: Blood by The Middle East remixed by Kill Them With Colour

I know, this blog doesn’t need any more references to this band. However, after realising I wouldn’t have my review of their new album finished before early next week (first ever uni holidays begin!), I decided I had to steer your ears to this little gem I found.

The Middle East’s original version of this song is one I often talk, think and blog about. That’s because it’s amazing- enough said.
This remix though, completely shakes things up, and, like the rerub of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love I blogged about forever ago, adds a whole new dimension to a song I already thought was perfect.

I think Kill Them With Colour have been wise in their judgments of which sections of the original to incoporate into their remix, only featuring the more upbeat, lifting components of TME’s primary tune. The modification of the whistling segment is a standout moment.

I’m sure many people who love the original will disagree with me though.

Blood by The Middle East (remixed by Kill Them With Colour)

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