Hear This Band Today: Young Empires

It’s so easy to forget about artists and move onto other music. I’m certainly guilty of it, but I feel like one of the most significant changes to this generation is our steadily-decreasing attention span. After a mate and I discovered the wealth of what one might call ‘alternative music’ on the blogosphere, he even remarked that he had realised that he wasn’t listening to bands for as long anymore, but that he’d quickly move onto new tunes.
Well this band is one that had a considerate amount of blog-love around the globe last year, and had this site been around then, you can be sure that I would’ve posted about them. But, as it stands, it wasn’t so I didn’t, and my short attention span ensured that I wouldn’t listen to them at all from January until now.

But I really do feel like Young Empires, a dance outfit from the Canadias, are more than worthy of a borrowing of your listening ears for a few minutes. Fuelled by boundless energy, their music does have a universal feel to it, and one can imagine both Africans and South Americans dancing away to their tunes. Their sound spans from the sheer dance-worthiness of Rain Of Gold, to the modern rock of White Doves, to the shoegazy Glory Of The Night. Whichever song you prefer, they’re a supremely talented band, and you should definitely fix your attention on them even if your trigger-happy fingers are ready to click on an alternate web-page.

Rain Of Gold by Young Empires(mp3)

White Doves by Young Empires(mp3)

Glory Of The Night by Young Empires(mp3)

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