Hear This Song Today: Miami Spider by Gallops

As someone who doesn’t really listen to instrumental music and cringes at the obligatory vocal-less track on so many albums these days, the fact that I can’t stop listening to a song that’s completely free of words feels greatly significant. Miami Spider, a track by self proclaimed ‘wolf-step’ band, Gallops, is a huge song.

My mate Ryan claimed that he didn’t think Miami Spider really went anywhere, but personally I felt like there was definitely enough deviation from the original idea (Incidentally, if you’re looking for a musical experience that appears to go somewhere, yet really just stays in the same place, check out M83’s phenomenal Highway Of Endless Dreams).

Seriously, i can’t stop listening to this song.

Miami Spider by Gallops(mp3)

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2 Responses to Hear This Song Today: Miami Spider by Gallops

  1. Joshua Dando says:

    what a track!

  2. iamkloo says:

    Sweet find garthy boy! I’ve been listening to the new Battles album this week, so this fits in perfectly!

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