Hear This Band Today: Wu Lyf

Wu Lyf is the sort of band that would be common if musically-prodigious neanderthals roamed the earth. As it stands, they don’t and this ensures that Wu Lyf are completely unique.

They’re a band shrouded in mystery, which in this Age of All-Things-Being-Public is no mean feat. Wu Lyf describe themselves as ‘heavy pop,’ and this isn’t too far off the mark, given that the grunts of frontman Ellery Roberts (at least I think that’s the name of the ‘singer’) somehow manage to be incredibly infectious, and apparently at their live shows the crowd grunts along in unison. Anyway, I could tell you anything, and it still wouldn’t do them justice. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Wu Lyf:

We Bros by Wu Lyf(mp3)

Oh, and full credit to James Holmes for raving about this band to me a few weeks ago. You’re clearly much more indie than me.

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One Response to Hear This Band Today: Wu Lyf

  1. Asif Zaffer says:

    i wrote this band off before i had even heard much of their stuff. i saw their whole “mystery” thing as nothing but a hype building gimmick. but since then the band has come out of the shadows and started to talk to the media so i’ve decided to give their music a chance. and it is pretty damn awesome. lately i’ve grown sick of the same guitar rock indie bands coming out of the UK year after year. your Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club, Fratellis etc etc. it’s all formulaic disposable and predictable. but WU LYF (having the band name all in caps is yet another brilliant marketing ploy by them) have given us an awesome alternative. music that on the surface is rather frightening but beyond those cult-ish screams there’s some very cleverly crafted rock songs or “heavy pop” as they like to call it.

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