First Listen: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers

My pre-pubescent self was a strange lad. I’d only ever listened to one band, and this resulted in a devotion to the Red Hot Chili Peppers bordering on obsequiousness. I listened to many of their albums over and over, and when Stadium Arcadium came out it felt like life could get no better. Then, as I matured, I realised SA was really quite average, and found their raw, ferocious material from their pre-BloodSugar days to really match my adolescent angst. Thankfully though, the past few years have seen me move beyond the Chilis, but they’ll always feel special to me for introducing me to music.

So what do I do now that my musical interests have expanded, and they’re releasing a new album? I’ll be as honest as I can in my appreciation or lack thereof towards their upcoming songs, but I think this new track shows that they’ve learnt from their last album and have added a bit of that classic Flea-funk that I thought was missing. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer doesn’t seem to be struggling too badly either, but there’s always going to be fans who will pledge allegiance to John Frusciante and refuse to acknowledge Klinghoffer’s talent. These days, RHCP aren’t lyrically fantastic, or even decent (with the opening line of the new track being “Lipstick junkie be funky all he wanty”), but first single The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie shows that they’re going for more of a vintage sound, apparently drawing inspiration from the Stones among others.

Well, this is the former-fanboy signing off; make of the song what you will.

Apart from the inevitable Youtube clips, the track is ‘exclusively’ streaming here.

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One Response to First Listen: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. Asif Zaffer says:

    i must admit it is rather surreal (a word i hate using but must in this case) reading this blog post. throughout 2006 and 2007 RHCP were my world, literally. not only were they the only music i listened to but they were the only form of entertainment i enjoyed. even then it was mostly their stuff from BSSM onwards. it was only after i saw them live that i started to discover other bands and started to lose interest to the point where today i don’t care much for this John-less RHCP. but everyone teenager has one band they develop an unhealthy obsession for and RHCP was mine.

    but since then i’ve really embraced the spectacularly unique music they made 20+ years ago and come to appreciate why BSSM is held in such high esteem in music history. with John gone it seems as though Flea has reclaimed a bit more “hand” (thank you George Castanza) in the band and you can really hear that on this first single.

    i’m not sure about you but i will probably fork out $140 and go see them when they tour australia next despite my lack of interest in their new music.

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