First Listen: Tribute to The Strokes’ Is This It

In 3 days it will be ten years since the release of The Strokes’ debut album, Is This It. Since at that time, my eight year-old self was too busy playing Gameboy, I was blissfully unaware that the rock landscape was being revolutionised by possibly the coolest band ever. I stumbled upon the record about two years ago, and remember incredulously discussing with a mate how they’d managed to craft an entire album around the simplest guitar riffs I’d ever heard, and I do think that this is one of their main strengths.

While some may criticise them for being one-dimensional, or just a standard, run-of-the-mill rock band, everything about The Strokes’ debut is both tight and perfect. Everything is compact and unpretentious, which is an essential characteristic for a band that closely adheres to what could be described as the ‘classic rock sound.’

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary, Stereogum have organised for an eclectic mix of bands to cover songs from the album. Check it out here, and skip New York City Cops.

Zip File of the Whole Combination(.zip)

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One Response to First Listen: Tribute to The Strokes’ Is This It

  1. Asif Zaffer says:

    this is undoubtedly one of my all time favourite albums. and i will never know why! everything about it is pretty alright i guess but after countless listens i still haven’t managed to put my finger on one reason why it is such a masterpiece. like you i only discovered this album a couple of years ago so i wasn’t there when it was changing the world so that can’t be a reason for loving it so much. you call it compact and unpretentious but there are so many other albums like that. yes it’s very simple but The White Stripes beat them to that by a couple of years. so i’ve given up trying to figure out why it is the guitar rock masterpiece that it is.

    naturally because i love the album so much the covers are a little underwhelming. i was disappointed by Real Estate’s attempt to turn wearing-shades-at-night rock into sun-kissed-surfy chill rock. not surprisingly Mr Pallett floored me with his cover of what is arguably one of the best rock songs of the past 20 years. i read this testimony below and it really struck a chord with me. NYC Cops should’ve been covered by Jay-Z not some guy trying to be Jay-Z. Take It or Leave It wasn’t as bad i expected.

    but i think i’ll stick to the original. 🙂

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