Hear This Artist Today: Radical Face

The solo project of Ben Cooper, Radical Face has been on my mind to share with people since this genesis of this little site. Composing beautiful, droopy-eye-inducing folk, he has a penchant for concept albums, with his 2007 album Ghost exploring the idea of houses possessing memories of events that have happened within them. The standout track from Ghost, which was used in multiple films, advertisements, and TV shows, was Welcome Home.

Welcome Home by Radical Face(mp3)

His new project is called The Family Tree:

“My next Radical Face record is actually being split into three full length albums. I wanted to write an album on the topic of family. As a vehicle for this, I came up with a fictional family tree ranging from 1800 to around 1950, cobbled together from genealogy charts and personal experiences and stories I’ve read. Then I spent about 2 years writing songs about it. When I sat down to pull all the material together, it boiled down to almost 40 songs. So I decided to organize it as a trilogy, because I’m a nerd and I have a soft spot for trilogies, and to call the set “The Family Tree”, with the first album being dubbed “The Roots” (due to be released on October 4), the second “The Branches” and the third “The Relatives”.”

During the process of writing songs for this project, he also write a few that didn’t quite fit into this filial idea, so he’s also releasing a few freEPs, which are part of a series called The Bastards. Volume One is out and free, and available here.

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