Hear This Band Today: POND

Ever feel like there’s too much pretension in music? Wish musicians would just chill out and focus on producing enjoyable music? If you answered yes or no to either of these questions,  POND may be the band for you. Consisting of a bunch of young guys who would probably be incessantly raucous if you lived next door to them (but you’d still love them anyway), they’re makers of music not simple in its nature, but more in its delivery. Strange psychedelic rock is their offspring, and it hits that part of you that still admires the music you listened to as a rowdy teenager.

It seems like with this upcoming album, titled Beard, Wives, Denim, they’re finally stepping out of the shadow of the similarly excellent Tame Impala, with whom they share two members. The track Moth Wings is not a Passion Pit cover, but rather an energetic, swirling groove that best exemplifies POND’s sound.

Moth Wings:

Fantastic Explosion of Time:


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