First Listen: All The Rowboats by Regina Spektor

My first experience of Regina Spektor was not a pleasant one. A friend had lent me her copy of the album Begin To Hope, and I left it in my school bag as I wandered into a CD store. When my bag was checked at the front, they found it, thought I was trying to steal it (If I’d wanted to, it would’ve been easy – they never look in the front pocket), and it took an uncomfortable explanation that was met with sceptical doubt to gain my pardon.

I did end up enjoying parts of the album. To be honest, though, I felt like there were too many light-hearted moments in which it seemed like she was just fooling around. I guess I prefer it when she takes her song-writing seriously. Anyway, Spektor fans may hate me for my uneducated and probably presumptuous assessment, but I’m a fan of this new single. I’ve included a video below which showcases the track, but if that gets taken down, it’s available at her official website. 

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One Response to First Listen: All The Rowboats by Regina Spektor

  1. Rachel says:

    Supposedly this song has been around since roughly 2005.
    That doesn’t discount it’s brilliance in any way,
    but thought it was worth mentioning!

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