Update: March of the Real Fly – EP

If you’re anything like me, you might currently be wondering if you were too hasty to order FIFA 12 without reacquainting yourself with Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. Similarly, you may also be enjoying some delicious pop tunes. And, if we want things to get frighteningly identical, at the moment you’re eating some nuts while listening to the new EP released by March Of The Real Fly just this very afternoon. 

Having rendered my last MotRF post more out of date than chillwave – given my emphasis on their then lo-fi nature – they’ve spruced up their sound and invested millions of dollars in sonic clarity. Soniclarity. Oh yes. And beyond the excellent first single, Girl, the EP manages to stay more consistent than The West Wing. Apparently. (That lack of commitment to truth concerned the latter – I have actually made a judgment on the EP, which is very consistent).

Oh yeah, it’s just $4 to download. Even though you can currently get a Chicken N’ Cheese burger, small fries and small Coca-Cola for that amount, by now you’re probably sick of McDonalds’ loose change menu that’s been cheating you out of your mum’s underrated meals for the past month, so it’s worth the purchase.


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