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Video: This Song is Called Ragged by Jonathan Boulet

What better way to feature the second best song of the year so far than with a brand-new film clip to go with it? Better yet, a clip in which you get to see the artist blow up? Jonathan Boulet’s … Continue reading

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Video: GIVERS Covering Paul Simon’s That Was Your Mother

There’s probably a way to embed this video onto this site, but I decided 15 minutes effort was enough. I’d like to take this moment to tell all the computer nerds I’ve ever teased: you’re still nerds. The Video is … Continue reading

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Hear This Band Today: Olympic Ayres

About a year and a half ago Olympic Ayres put out an online EP, the existence of which was highlighted to me on Facebook by the brother of one of the members. Usually, I’d expect little good to come from … Continue reading

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First Listen: Henrietta by Yeasayer

Finally, some great bands from the latter years of last decade are starting to put out some new material. Yeasayer are back with this swirling reggaed-up tune that grows on oneself when one lends one’s ears to ths one song.

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First Listen: New Animal Collective Tracks, Honeycomb and Gotham

Animal Collective have dropped two huge tracks on us unsuspecting Human Individuals. As usual, it sounds like beautiful sounds blended into a delicious fruit smoothie, this time with a hint of pre-BSSM Chili Peppers, which is great news considering I’d … Continue reading

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First Listen: Take A Walk by Passion Pit

It’s been a while, but Passion Pit have finally released a new track. Titled ‘Take A Walk,’ it has the worst pre-chorus you’ll ever hear, but still manages to pack a proper punch and exude their classic catchier-than-lice sound. Their … Continue reading

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Hear This Band Today: Light Giant

Here’s a new band about whom very little is known. I think the vocalist might be from Parades (update: since confirmed, see the wise man’s comment below), an excellent group who dropped an excellent record in 2010 and sent Sputnik … Continue reading

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