Hear This Band Today: Olympic Ayres

About a year and a half ago Olympic Ayres put out an online EP, the existence of which was highlighted to me on Facebook by the brother of one of the members. Usually, I’d expect little good to come from such an obligatory familial recommendation, but I was getting good vibes from this brother, who’s probably the coolest guy I’ve ever met twice. The EP was great, but I never got around to featuring it due to my occasional resembling of a disinterested sloth. Now they have another new track out, The View, which has inched that Quality Bar™ even higher.

Warning: The video is less suitable for epileptics than a live Bon Iver performance. Stick to audio only.

Edit: I just realised this says nothing about the music so I guess it’s up to you to figure out what they sound like.

fb / bcjjj (mp3 available here)

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