Hear This Song Today: Choy Lin by Fishing

Fresh from having seen and enjoyed POND the other night, I’m now going to dip back into the pool of Sydney music talent and wade through the flowing streams of bubbly hooks from Fishing. Is that enough? Okay great, moving on.

Fishing have released a new song, Choy Lin, from an upcoming, unnamed album. Like their previous work, Fishing weave glistening melodies through a swirl of revolving atmosphere, and pack more different sounds in one than most bands do in a career (based on my guess that the majority of bands have a very limited career). I could be wrong, but I think Choy Lin refers to a favourite Vietnamese dish of Noel Fielding, which is certainly expressed throughout the song.

I recently downloaded an album they released a while ago. This isn’t me being nonchalant about committing some illegal online looting, or even an admission that I download songs from iTunes, but rather a tip-off about some excellent free tunes from which standout track Cliffs is better than a bath after a Stonehenge sight-seeing tour. Definitely as worth investing $0 into as In Rainbows.

Their new album drops on October 23, which is my birthday. Thanks.

Choy Lin:


fb / ws

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