First Listen: Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens

Somehow I think that if Sufjan Stevens ever went on a date with Christmas, he’d end up blurting out ‘I think I’m in love with you‘ on the first meeting. After releasing five festive EP’s in 2006, he’s just announced another five, which is a huge relief because I hate being able to count my imminent Sufjan Christmas EP’s on one hand and still have some fingers left over.

The first track’s called Christmas Unicorn and will probably introduce at least ten people to Joy Division through its use of the ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ refrain about halfway through the twelve-minute playing time. There are deluxe box sets available, which you can read about and pre-order here and here. I’m tempted to get the $120 version (only available in the US) and get it sent to an American address like I’ve heard you can do.

It includes some Christmas classics like Joy To The World, Jingle Bells and Silent Night as well as Sufjan originals with titles such as Carol Of St Benjamin The Bearded One. FIFA 13 just finished installing so I’m off to enjoy it; here’s Christmas Unicorn:


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