Hear This Song Today: 53 by March of the Real Fly

That band that have so much fun that they’ve been found to namedrop themselves, March of the Real Fly, are back with another killer. Recent lineup changes mean Tim Fitz has joined the band, that guy who’s battling Lena Dunham for the title of New Jerry Seinfeld as Mr/s DIY. His musical influence doesn’t really shine through here (there could be a power struggle going on), but those blessed with optical capability might glimpse him in the video clip, and you should be as excited as me to hear how he imprints himself on the band’s aesthetic in the future.

The song itself is great; every sharp jab of ukelele and keys is another injection of ecstasy into your bloodstream, and Cam’s voice is exuding love, joy and happiness like a pre-school before the iron fist of OH&S infected this nation. In fact, the guy in the high-vis vest in the video clip is probably an OH&S officer, so they hate music too, which only amplifies my anger. If you’re angry too, or if you’re fine, listen to 53 – it’ll improve things.

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