First Listen: New Arcade Fire tracks

Things have been infrequent here because I popped over to England for a few months, and am only just settled with blankets and sheets and everything, because you can’t write words without blankets and sheets and everything. But at least I didn’t wait three years, right? Three years is how long it’s been since Arcade Fire gave us The Suburbs, a magnificent exploration of childhood and suburbia, and now they’re back with something else.

By now you’ve probably heard Reflektor, the first track released from their upcoming album of the same name, which comes out on October 29.

Incidentally, when you start searching ‘Reflektor’ on Youtube, the first suggestion is ‘Reflection Mulan.’ Not a bad song, but really? It’s been fifteen years, and you’re still in love with that film?

But back to Arcade Fire. Reflektor (the album) promises to pick up where Neon Bible left us and examine the whole idea of the afterlife, as well as how that shapes daily life. I guess it’s becoming pretty clear that Win Butler is pretty preoccupied by the whole idea of religion, given that Neon Bible looked at that in some detail that seemed fairly personal at times. It’ll be interesting to see how enjoyable the album is, given that most people I’ve spoken to don’t quite enjoy Neon Bible in the way they enjoy Funeral and The Suburbs. I appreciate the album, but it just isn’t quite as relatable as the other two. Whether that’s because I’m listening to it as a Christian, I don’t know, but hopefully with Reflektor, Butler & Co. manage to create both something accessible and something that you want to be able to access. Here’s a few tracks from Reflektor (the album) performed in a weird quasi-film context. It’s worth watching if you either love or hate or are indifferent to Michael Cera.

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One Response to First Listen: New Arcade Fire tracks

  1. Mono says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over Mulan.

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