Hear This Song Today: Us by Movement

They’ve been described (in that bastion of truth: the press release) as producing ‘seductive nocturnal music,’ and that’s not too far off for Sydney-based trio Movement. They may have a thoroughly un-Googlable name, but they combine that with that rare ability to repeat a musical phrase or idea without letting you get distracted by that nail that’s slightly too long.

I just spent about ten minutes trying to ascertain who they sound like, but had to conclude is that I’m having flashbacks to when I first heard their track Feel Real a few months ago. That’s the sort of quality journalism you get at this establishment folks: ‘They don’t sound like anyone, oh except for themselves.’ But I guess you could compare them to an Olympic Ayres trying not to wake their sleeping grandma in the next room. Like most of the less flashy Modular artists they don’t seem to be all that fussed about releasing volumes of music or information about future releases, but this top new track is called Us.

fb / os

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6 Responses to Hear This Song Today: Us by Movement

  1. Tommy says:

    The song sounds EXACTLY like Jasmine by Jai Paul. Not in a, “they have a similar sound” sort of way but in a “we’re gonna see a lawsuit” sort of way haha

  2. tommy says:


  3. amacdonald56 says:

    I heard these guys live at conception day a couple of weeks back. They were pretty good, but I wasn’t particularly grabbed by it.

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