Hear This Band Today: Roosevelt

I’m an honest guy. And I’m the first to admit that once or twice (really not very many times though) I’ve written about an artist or a song and then never really listened to them again. But tonight as I let the fresh new German psychedelic dance-pop outfit Roosevelt threaten to disturb my sleeping neighbours, I knew this would be one of those artists that would make it to the iPhone. You’re right, I probably could’ve just said phone.

I was watching an interview tonight with a former German footballer, Michael Ballack, and was astonished by the quality of his English, apart from his tendency to say ‘far too less.’ But hey, he probably only says that because he’s picked up on how people say its antonymous cousin far too much.

Here’s the first Roosevelt track I heard which should also be the first Roosevelt track you hear. That guitar tone that kicks in after a while is the sonic equivalent of the first woodfire of a new Winter.

Here’s his latest track, which you can call Montreal.

Update: Here’s an even dreamier Roosevelt tune:

fb / sc / pf

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