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First Listen: Music from The Great Gatsby

As someone who still regularly listens to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, the prospect of a soundtrack to The Great Gatsby — which to me stands as one of the greatest novels of all time — is utterly enticing. What we … Continue reading

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Hear This Song Today: 53 by March of the Real Fly

That band that have so much fun that they’ve been found to namedrop themselves, March of the Real Fly, are back with another killer. Recent lineup changes mean Tim Fitz has joined the band, that guy who’s battling Lena Dunham … Continue reading

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First Listen: One Way Trigger by The Strokes

The Strokes’ timeline is an interesting one. Is This It (2001) is one of the best albums of the century. Room On Fire (2003) has Reptilia, so its existence is justified. The same can be said about First Impressions of … Continue reading

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Best of Year: Best Songs of 2012

This blog has been a little more quiet in 2012 than in the past, but there’s never a reason to not announce the objectively best songs of the year (excluding last year, when I never got around to it). 15: … Continue reading

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First Listen: Inhaler by Foals

Adding the raw intensity of Antidotes to Total Life Forever’s surprising maturity, Foals are back with a new track that’s sure to be divisive. Inhaler shouts in parts but also strides with an urban groove, and while evoking Tom Morello … Continue reading

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First Listen: New Animal Collective Tracks, Honeycomb and Gotham

Animal Collective have dropped two huge tracks on us unsuspecting Human Individuals. As usual, it sounds like beautiful sounds blended into a delicious fruit smoothie, this time with a hint of pre-BSSM Chili Peppers, which is great news considering I’d … Continue reading

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First Listen: Take A Walk by Passion Pit

It’s been a while, but Passion Pit have finally released a new track. Titled ‘Take A Walk,’ it has the worst pre-chorus you’ll ever hear, but still manages to pack a proper punch and exude their classic catchier-than-lice sound. Their … Continue reading

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