Hear This Artist Today: Hayden Calnin

One day it will be a slight blight on Hayden Calnin’s Wikipedia bio that he once won the Melbourne branch of something called the Telstra Road To Discovery. Judging by the communication behemoth’s terrible attempt at creating a set top box (our rubbish T-Box remote has turned me off television), it’s probable that this talent development program would have only been good for increasing finger muscles by forcing winners to use faulty equipment.

But as Matt Corby has shown, time can heal even the most disappointing of successes. Hayden Calnin’s lush arrangements of sparse, swirling sounds suggest that fruitful seasons lie ahead, and it’s the imaginatively-titled Summer that stands out the most among his tracks released thus far. His dreamy vocals drift all over the place in an endearing way, like a Gen Y-er you’re not related to.
Just think, if you get behind Calnin early, it’ll compensate for catching on to the similar beauty of James Blake eons after the rest of the world.

Summer by Hayden Calnin(mp3)


Cheers to Rachel for the excellent tip-off.

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